I want these two pretty items from topshop please! =]

Just when I thought we were done with the snow for the winter -I was completely wrong - four more inches decided to come down...Blah

(wilfred shirt from aritzia, men's H&M scarf, zara pants)


It's been awhile

I feel like I have betrayed my blog! I have been so busy lately that the little energy that I do have left I spend it laying in my bed watching weeds re-runs. On another note, the snow has finally melted and the sun has been beautifully shining, I love it! I am so glad that I have this friday night off, maybe now I will be able to have a social life haha.

I am STILL waiting for my new camera to come in the mail...maaan

(blouse and pants are from zara, alfani shoes)


endless amounts

Balcony view. The snow has been nonstop, it's insane.

It is hard to be creative with my wardrobe when all I want to do is wear five layers of clothing and stuff heating pads down my socks..I am so glad I bought my olive green puffy coat, it seriously has saved my life.

(zara coat and leggings)


Urban Outfitters

Already added a couple items to my wishlist. Soo excited for spring!



I was going through my "Spring 2010" folder and thought I'd make a quick little collage of my top favorite collections for this upcoming spring/summer season.

I am so excited for spring to arrive. I have been dreaming of lace, trouser shorts, clogs, cream palettes, skin bearing cutouts, and sheer elegance.

oh man...

(stella mcCartney, fendi, wang, balmain, chanel, erin wasson)



I still have not been able to purchase another memory card, so I am temporarily using my mother's..meh. Tomorrow I am going in to buy my new camera - I was approved for a credit card so that gives me enough justification to buy another camera and memory card, haha. It has been snowing so much lately. My poor little car was covered in at least 3 feet of snow this morning, and not to mention the key holes were frozen so unlocking it was out of the question..

I made a traveling wish board yesterday, well more like a video on imovie, it is quite nifty. So far it contains: London, Barcelona, Dublin, Stockholm, and some closer places to home are: Munich, Cologne, and maybe back to Amsterdam. Once I start working more I think I want to start traveling either at the end of this month or the beginning of February - we will see!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!

(eek! beanie, silence+noise leather hooded jacket, deena&ozzy shoes all from UO, zara blazer and pants, wilfred cropped tee from aritzia, frenchi cream tee from nordstroms)