the lighter side

School has consumed my life lately but I love it. I have the perfect schedule and my classes are challenging but so much fun, I actually look forward to going to school which some mind find incomprehensible..Besides that, Oregon has had this drastic weather change lately, it has been in the high 70's and low 80's all week and is supposed to continue throughout the weekend. I am soaking it all in before the rain returns for its solid downpour of six months lol. I am embracing the sun by wearing the beige and white side of my wardrobe, there will be plenty opportunities this fall and winter to return to the "dark" side. My best friend and I are going apartment searching this weekend in downtown Portland, wish us luck!

(urban outfitters blazer, zara blouse, DIY shorts, storets boots)


strawberry flavored frozen yogurt & sprinkles

No work and no classes today, which therefore means a day consisted of running errands and getting frozen yogurt with my best friend. It has been a wonderful day. Wearing some of my Urban outfitters goodies I purchased last week.

(sparkle and fade blazer from UO which I have been living in the past three days, staring at the stars UO top, zara leggings, Tory Burch purse)


Shop Sassy Fashionista

I recently made a shop blog where all of you can raid my closet! I haven't added everything on there yet but I am planning on adding more by the end of this week. This is my first time operating a online shop so be gentle! =]

Check it out! ShopSassyFashionista



dressing room

I took to some retail therapy at Urban Outfitters after spending three hours at the DMV and then having my car fail inspection at the DEQ because of the newer battery replacement, from the previous owner, that supposedly erased information which will reset after 200 more miles...blahblahblah. Enough of my ranting, I bought some pretty new things and will share soon in upcoming posts!

(zara coat, h&m jean shirt and bodysuit, silence&noise pants)



basically my favorite blouse of all time, I mean come one, look at the details! Completely drool worthy. Thank you Le Fou by Wilfred for making such an extravagant and beautiful top!

(Le Fou - Wilfred Blouse from Aritzia, Forever21 skirt, ebay shoes)


I dig it urbanoutfitters

Dolcetta Harness Boot. Dolce Vita Tread Sock Platform Boot


It is so nice to be back in the States, I didn't realize how much I appreciated Target and Albertson's. Since I have been home I of course have taken any chance I had to make my way over to Aritzia, not having a car is very inconvenient, but the times that I have been able to visit have been nothing but wonderful. Today I just picked up the most gorgeous blouse from Wilfred - Le Fou, the material, layering, texture, and simple silhouette is absolutely beautiful. It wasn't until I finally got back home that I stopped drooling. I have been eyeballing it ever since I saw le fou's fall lookbook and I am so excited to have it in my possession. I also cannot wait to wear it! I picked up some other items from Aritzia, and they are just as fabulous. Aritiza never fails to amaze me. I picked up my new Tory Burch bag the other day for an amazing bargain, I basically have just had the best week ever.

(Cropped top from Aritzia, Zara leggings and Coat, Tory Burch Bag)


I wish I had the capability to go blonde. Love Abbey Lee


and so fashion week begins

Nicholas K RTW Spring 2011

source: style.com


sleep deprived

Note to self: Accessorize this fall.

I apologize for the lack of updating, the truth is that my jet lag has consumed all my energy the past couple days and the little energy that I do have has been spent running errands and taking advantage of the one for one dollar exchange rate, it is wonderful. I think I have also caught a cold which I don't approve of one bit but there really isn't much I can do except rest. Tomorrow my best friend and I are going shopping and I cant express how excited I am, I will finally be able to shop at Aritzia again, my dream come true. I will be sure to post my new finds as soon as possible ( I am just assuming that I will be coming home tomorrow with at least three bags full of clothes) so I will be sure to post them soon! lol.  New York fashion week starts so soon, I am looking forward to what is in store for the Spring 2011.

source: Stockholm-StreetStyle


Portland, Oregon

I leave back to Portland Oregon tomorrow. Oh how I have missed you Portland, there really is nowhere like the Pacific Northwest.
It's been such fun Germany, I will be back sooner than you know it.

source: flickr and WEHEARTIT