balenciaga take over

There is definitely a Balenciaga obsession this spring, I have noticed these  studded and skin bearing booties popping up all over magazine spreads. Platform sandals and pseudo docker/biker boots this spring, sweet lol.


two sizes too big

okay so I admit, I couldn't stay away so I am back from my "break" lol. I bought my anthropologie shirt the other day and it inspired me to work on my blog again. It made me realize that  a beautiful piece like that needs to be exposed to the world and I shouldn't be selfish and keep it only to myself - and that is my reasoning to start back up again lol. The light material and velvet detailing is stunning and hangs beautifully when worn. It was on sale so I was lucky enough to get the last one, I gratefully ignored the fact that it was two sizes to big and went directly to the register without hesitation. I am off to Urban Fondue located in Downtown Portland with my best friend, I have never had fondue before so I am literally counting down the minutes until I meet up with her. I am just a little excited lol. P.s. my new obsession this week is revlons matte stormy pink lipstick. Neon lips <3

(Floreat top from Anthro, citizen skinny jeans, minimarket wedges, bershka leather jacket, revlon matte stormy pink lipstick)


Random Sunday

I have a tendency to save all images that strike my attention and spark my creativity, so this is basically a random post of my current boho and effortless trend obsession. I hope you enjoy!

(fashiongonerogue, tfs, carolines mode, topshop, style.com...??)