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Heather Marks


My memory card decided to stop working and most of the stores don't have any in stock because of christmas ( well the one that I would like to purchase that is). Maaaaan


christmas eve

Tomorrow is Christmas! soo excited! Today, mum and I are going to make cookies - oatmeal, chocolate chip, m&m cookies, and ginger bread (may not be able to fit into my pants tomorrow haha)

(sweater/faux fur from h&m, zara leggings and cropped blouse, old navy jacket)


baby it's cold outside

All bundled up for the last christmas market of the year! Christmas is in three days - time has flown by so quickly.

(black jacket from nordstroms, wilfred oversized sweater from UO, boots also from UO, h&m circle scarf)



mod cloth

I like these, just thought I'd share =]

Mod Cloth


I have had the same song stuck in my head all week. "crawl" by chris brown, I have NO idea why or how it got there..meh

(deena&ozzy shoes and gloves from UO, silence+noise leather jacket UO, zara pants, wilfred tank from Aritzia, beige jacket from Old Navy)



It truly is the Christmas season.

(blazer and shoes from zara, silence+noise hooded leather jacket and leggings from Urban Outfitters, circle scarf H&M, leather gloves from Nordstroms, shirt Asos)


pretty things

Just adding more to my wish list

(tops and wedges acne, topshop leopard fur coat, fashionology ring, black milk leggings, alexander wang diego bucket bag)

count down

11 more days until christmas!

Today was just a lazy day, haven't been feeling creative lately.
(silence+noise cropped tee from UO, harley davidson boots, marc jacobs cuff, lace body suit from H&M, leggings zara, leather jacket bershka)


life keeps on going

adorable, effortlessly fabulous


shalom harlow

complete perfection. amazing eyebrows

zara and some pearls

Christmas shopping is very difficult for me. I buy a gift for someone then I have a tendency to buy a gift for myself, to balance it out I guess? Maaan. I finally ordered the tan deena&ozzy shoes from Urban Outfitters along with another blazer, everything was on sale! Sweet deal. I really shouldn't be spending money on myself but I just can't help it! To make myself feel a little better, I did buy a gift for my mother from Urban - so I am still generous! haha.
I went to zara yesterday and picked up many lovely items that I would love to see in my closet but resisted; however, I did leave with my new cream blouse. I just knew I had to have it. I love the way that is is cropped from front to back and the light weight sheer material (but I had to pin it in the back to make it hit the way I prefer). It could be made into a simple summer dress thrown together with a pair of beige sandals and cute shades. I am ready for spring/summer now..

(zara: blouse, blazer, leggings. Deena&Ozzy ankle boots, vintage pearls)



Not having a car is definitely not my cup of tea, hopefully by next week I will have some form of my own transportation, especially before I start working again . On another note, I am experimenting with our liquor cabinet, trying to come up with something delightfully tasteful that I can serve the customers. I should probably update my drink menu, or at least type it up, I am just too lazy hah. Maybe that is what I shall do today since I can't leave this household..

( zara blouse, zara pants, wewhosee shoe's)

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Alexander Wang pf 2010

Clean and chic, very nice. I want a pair of those sassy shades



Real quick post before I head to the mall for some christmas shopping! So I was being noisy and rummaged around in our attic, looked through some boxes labeled "old clothes", and found this amazing beaded and sequined top! I absolutely love it! Besides the fact that it gets caught on itself once in awhile, I still love it! I'm excited to see all the new outfits I can make with it.

must run!



Iris Strubegger

source: tfs

quick post before bed - one busy weekend




(draped jacket from needsupply.com, DIVIDED dress from H&M, boots harley)


caffeine rush

Rick Owens Spring 2010

Numéro Tokyo - Caroline Trentini by David Vasiljevic
Source | Fashion Gone Rogue

I am up super early this morning - a combination of allergies and jet lag, splendid..
I give thanks to coffee and its magical powers to help me function properly. AMEN


back on track

busy day today: stain my newly built dresser drawer, clean and organize the living room, clean the kitchen, organize the closet, do some laundry, anddd clean the bathroom. It is noon and I haven't even started, can you say procrastinator? Alright time to clean!

( ines large gray sweater from aritzia, men's long sleeve thermal from Old Navy, favorite black pants from XXI, harley davidson boots)


Victoria's Secret highlights

So I finally made it to Germany, whooo! Now I just need to get a proper sleeping pattern going because I don't think sleeping all day is going to work out very well. I am excited about tomorrow! I am going to go pick up my all boxes full of my clothes and shoes (I have missed them all very much), then I believe my mum and I are running over to Ikea so I can pick up a clothing rack (the one I have temporarily is tipping over..), and maybe the mall? I would really like too! I can't wait to walk into the great doors of zara, man oh man haha. However, I need to refrain myself from spending money for awhile, I still need to buy a car and figure out my work schedule. I did buy a pair of shoes online the other day from Aldo, I just couldn't resist, they were on sale with free shipping because it was "black friday" AND it solved my dilemma of which color I wanted - and my decision is BOTH! hahah

MAUNE wedge

Now I am going to purchase the tan Deena&Ozzy wedge, a little christmas gift for myself? Good enough reason for me!

Jet lag is kicking in..


pretty snazzy natasha poly

source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Only two more days left and I will be on my way to Germany, I think I have had my fair share of Prescott, I am ready to go now! haha. Okay no more complaining, tomorrow is thanksgiving and that is always exciting! Once I am back in the flow of things I won't be so dull with my posts! pinky promise!

Happy Turkey Day




I am torn between which color I should get, I am really tempted to buy both..
I need help! black or tan? haha

Only three days left of being here in Arizona and visiting the grandparents, thank the lord. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my grandparents but I can only last for so long, I think others could relate haha. Also, I am so thankful for whose ever wifi I am bumming off of, they are so kind for sharing!

Alright I am off to explore this small country town



Dazed & Confused

Abbey Lee Kershaw looking stunning as always for the i-D winter issue.

On another note, best regards to the friends and family of Daul Kim, R.I.P. - you will be missed