The Sartorialist 
I find this photo to be absolutely charming that I couldn't resist sharing it's cuteness.

I leave to Croatia tomorrow, my flight is of course way too early in the morning for my liking but its alright, I have the gift of being able to sleep anywhere at any given moment so that excuses the earliness. I won't be able to make any updates until I return home which will be August 5th. Much love to everyone and I will be sure to take photos of my journey!

Kisses and Hugs



Erin Wasson

Pinot Noir

 Bistro was kind enough to join my brother and I on our nice evening adventure that consisted of climbing trees and finding a really neat hunting contraption that we were supposedly not to supposed to be in, well I am assuming that's what the man meant..all I know is that he made quite a lot of hand movements that I believe meant "Please leave."

I love my cheap black retro frames I picked up in Amsterdam, I was so excited when they actually were proportion to my face. Normally, since my head is on the larger side, all glasses are either way too small or awkwardly shaped so when I found those I was consumed with excitement. I have been wearing my 7 euro glasses almost everyday, my inspiration for my wardrobe has been relaxed laid back and practical urban "hipster" look. I think it has to do with my excitement of returning back home and reflecting the well known trend of the 503. Yes, I admit that it is a tad bit cheesy that there is no prescription in them; however, as soon as I get back to the states you bet your bottom dollar that I will change that!
Now it is time to run some errands before our family trip to Croatia this Thursday.


p.s. - note to self, buy more hair clips..

(vintage gray cardigan, levi 501 shorts, H&M top and bodysuit, vintage backpack)



The corset, knitwear, shorts, eyebrows, jean jacket - I love it all



Amsterdam Video Documentary

Such a great trip, and I am so glad that I was able to share it with my baby brother. I hope you enjoy! I had a blast making it.



Amsterdam Trip Number Three

vintage rings

vintage bags

I had the most amazing time while in Amsterdam, every time I go I love it even more. I am so thankful for my life, I am truly blessed to be able to experience such beautiful places. My favorite part of Amsterdam are the flea markets, my brother and I spent hours rummaging through each creative tent, running our hands though the vintage fabrics, and drooling over all the gorgeous handmade jewelry. We of course ran out of money way to fast due to our excitement of all the beautiful things but it was well worth it. So many great memories were made this past weekend, met some great people and all the above  (ALL of the above lol) - I enjoyed every moment, it was almost surreal, I would do it all over again if I could. My brother and I documented the entire trip so stay tuned for a video post!


Back from Amsterdam

Hello Lovelies! I just made it back from our four and a half hour drive from Amsterdam, I am so overly exhausted that I am unable to function so I will post more of an interesting update shortly..I have so many pictures to upload and I can't wait to share!

Time for some real home cooked dinner.



Weekend Visit to Cologne

original shrine of The Magi

(topshop lace bodysuit, zara top, 501 Levi shorts)

It was a lovely weekend, even though we were staying in the attic of the hotel in 95 degree weather and the only way to stay cool was to stick our feet in an ice cold bath, and all of our feet were covered in heat blisters, it was still a lovely weekend! On a positive note,  I am so thankful for my 501 Levi shorts, they are the most comfortable pair of shorts I have ever owned and I strongly believe that everyone should own a pair in their life time =]



alejandro on repeat

Today I discovered that our roof has a rather nice view and so I decided it would be great place to take pictures, my neighbors found it quite amusing. The family and I are going to Cologne this weekend, I am ecstatic to see the Cathedral, I am such a sucker for gothic architecture and just history in general. I will definitely be taking endless amounts of pictures.

Germany vs. Spain tonight - super excited! You know, I never watched soccer until I moved here, and working at a bar pretty much entails you to watch them..but now I can't get enough! If Germany wins tonight, forget about sleeping, there will be horns going off until the good early morning, just wait.  Now that I am talking about it I actually just heard one go off outside lol..and so it begins.

Also, I wanted to thank Cathrine from The ABC's of College for featuring me on her blog. Go check her out!

(zara top and skirt, Alfani flex heels)


the new daywear

I went into zara yesterday with the intention of only getting a pair of shorts; however, I leave with a bag full of clothes. The exaggerated SALE sign gets me every time, damn marketing sale techniques... I then found my way over to H&M and fell in love with two delicate garments, and even though I really didn't need to buy anymore I figured I would be cheating myself, and my closet, if I didn't buy them. In order to avoid that predicament, I was convinced that I could wear both sheer pieces as daywear, so then I tied the strings from the robe to the back (in order to take away the image of it actually being a legitimate robe and more of a light sweater), put a skirt over the sheer undergarment slip, and tada! outfit complete! In my head the whole concept seemed quite pratical and shrewed, plus what better way to stay cool in 95 degree weather than to wear your nighties?..haha

(slip and lace robe from H&M, zara skirt, vintage scarf, UO sandals that are super old)


all american


This editorial reminds me of  how much I miss In-n-Out's glorious milkshakes..However, I love the eyebrow and hair color contrast and the overall relaxed styling, definitely will be ordering a Tee from wildfox in the near future.

Harry Potter

ahhhh I can't wait! I am such a Harry Potter nerd, no joke.