continuous packing

Since I have basically packed everything and only have what I didn't ship back to states, my closet is rather limited but I actually like it, it doesn't take me nearly as long to get ready now, before it took a good hour or so because my indecisiveness of too many clothing options. Another reason why I started packing so early was one, I am odd and like to get things done before hand, and two; I want to make sure my bags are under 50 lbs…so far so good!
So today while packing I thought I would prance around in my jeffrey campbell shoes I bought last month. I really haven't had the chance to wear them yet so I thought I might as well break them in now. I had to put a gripping pad on the bottom of the shoes to replace the nonexistent grip on the shoe - better safe than sorry, especially living in portland where it rains 85% of the time. I am really looking forward to going back to Portland, I am going back at the perfect time too right when all the leaves start to change colors, Fall in Portland is my absolute favorite. Plus, my iphone 4G is waiting for me, can't wait!
Germany will always be home but it is time for a new chapter in my life to begin.

( jeffrey campbell shoes, bershka leather jacket, zara button up, DIY shorts, sheer H&M tank)


Wishlist continued

(topshop sweater/shorts/coat/bra, urbanoutfitters purse)

I would also like these puppies from Aldo


Easy Born Wild Ride

Masha & Nadiya QVEST #41


stella mccartney inspired

I was just browsing through my "Fall 2010" album on my computer and became inspired by the image of Natasha Poly walking at Stella McCartney's Fall 2010 RTW runway show. So I put together a small collage of all the pieces I thought were fitting. Lately, I have been on a role with making collages, I have made at least four just yesterday, a little bit too much spare time? Meh...I'll go back to reality once I am back in the states but as of now I am enjoying my lethargic state of mind.

Dress Asos, Shoes/Coat/Blazer Topshop

le fou - Wilfred

High waisted tapered crepe pant. Layered mixed silk blouse. Drapey tiered silk blouse

 adding all three garments to my wishlist

more here


Shoe Porn

I love these Stella McCartney inspired shoes from topshop. They are simple and feminine, a taste of minimalism, just the way I like it.


Castle Adventure

Yesterday was quite the workout. My family and I thought it was a great day to do some local castle touring before my younger brother leaves to go stateside, its a rule of ours that you HAVE to see a castle before leaving Europe, you just have too. We were able to visit two castles, the name of the first one has escaped my memory but it was rather magical, and the second one we went to was the Heidelberg castle. Both of the views were amazing but in order to see the breathtaking views it entailed walking, and not just ordinary strolling but steep endless hiking that involved stairs and 86 degree weather. Lets just say that I burned my recommended calorie intake for the day in a matter of two hours…it was well worth it though. My shoes must be livid with me because it wasn't until we walked into town to enjoy an afternoon lunch that I noticed one of my shoes had ripped rext next to the toe. Of course my automatic reaction involved hysteria and disappointment, I then had to remember how much I have put my shoes through. My favorite Jeffrey Campbell booties have been with me through my bartending days, walked throughout Amsterdam, Croatia, Switzerland, and all of Germany…I think I now know what it really means to break in your shoes..literally.

10 more days left here in Germany, time is going by so quickly..

(jean jacket H&M, wrinkly blouse zara, gray skirt H&M)


Going Away Party


All of my customers and my manager threw me a going away party on my last day of work and it couldn't have been any more perfect. My manager first surprised me with a huge poster he made with me on it ( I couldn't stop laughing when I first saw it), decorated the bar, and even made me a farewell video..I tried really hard not to get emotional haha.
I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with such amazing people, and gaining so many wonderful friendships along the way. Thank you to all my Slapshots family, you will be greatly missed and thank you so much for all of the unforgettable memories. Oh, I forgot to mention, they also gave me a gift card to the mall as my going away present..they know me so well! =]



leopard and pink

source: stockholmstreetstyle

A leopard clutch is a definite must have, I need one in my life asap.

beer bottles, cigarettes, rock n' roll

Yesterday, while I was sitting in the parking lot behind work It finally dawned on me how much I am going to miss it. I am so thankful for the time that I have had and for all my customers for making it worthwhile, my job couldn't have been the same without you. I have made some amazing friends whom I will cherish our friendships for years to come. Tomorrow is supposed to be my last day but my manager informed me that even though I will be working behind the bar, everyones main intention is to get me completely drunk while doing so - oh how I love my bar family haha. This past year has been one to remember and I wouldn't change it for anything.

(sheer vintage top, H&M bodysuit, WeWhoSee boots, vintage head scarf, Bershka Leather Jacket, 501 Levi's)


TNA - Aritzia

I would love to see TNA's long belted sweater coat and long sleeve pullover crewneck from Aritzia in my closet this fall season. I consider the two items to be very diverse, and that is something I always look for when I shop. Both pullover and sweater coat would look great alone as key pieces or layered with flannel/denim/fur etc..might I add that the hat is a perfect accessory, could even add a scarf or two…heck I think both sweater coat and pullover would look great put together!  Plus I am really diggin the whole poncho look lately..
This collection is another reason why I am so excited to be returning back to Portland and brings me such delight to think that I will be able to shop at one of my favorite stores again…I get goosebumps just thinking about it. ohhh how I love you Aritzia <3
 It wasn't really until yesterday that I realized I don't have that much time left here in Germany, its rather depressing but also uplifting - if that makes any sense. Don't get me wrong, I love it here and will continue to visit throughout the years but I am excited to return to my home, it will be nice to feel that sense of familiarity again. Besides that, I have one last adventure before my departure. Next weekend my younger brother and I will be making our way to Zurich Switzerland for the 2010 Street Parade, I thought it would be the perfect  event to attend before my last farewell. Let loose and let the good times roll


Pula, Croatia


I apologize for the lack of outfit creativity but the truth is, I really much enjoyed living in my  bathing suits for the entire seven day vacation. I do regret however, not bringing more scarfs to wrap my hair in..I believe I wore my favorite russian silk scarf inadvertently everyday..
 It was beautiful there, it was overcast the first day we arrived but that was soon gone the next morning, then each day was painted with the golden sun. The sweet sound and crisp smell of the adriatic sea was magnificent, I would love to live by the water one day..I think I will add it to my wishboard. My favorite part about the trip was the early morning walks, when the soft lighting of the sun would reflect off the calm wakening waters, the soft breeze gently caressing my skin, and I especially loved watching the cleaning ladies preparing for their daily routines...people watching is a conventional hobby of mine.
 One morning my mother, aunt, and I drifted away from the tourist area and found a peaceful and most serene beach..the only thing it was missing was sand but the white pebbles were beautiful none-the-less. Our favorite part was the carefully crafted gorge not far from shore. On our last day we enjoyed a family fun photoshoot at our newly founded beach, the laughter and smiles that we all shared was more than I could ever ask for. It was truly what I consider a vacation, no worries, no problems, just embracing the beauty of life..

I believe my lethargic state of mind from the trip as followed me home, so I believe that on this friday morning I will face reality once again and educate myself on what is going on in the world via cnn.com, then do a little more of some light reading and wander through bloglovin.


Back Home!

Just arrived back from my lovely trip to Croatia. I have over a thousand pictures between my aunt and I so I will be sure to post some soon, as of now my bed has missed me, so I think it is only fair that I go take a nap and obey its demands.