little black dress

Finally moved downtown Portland, well across the bridge but in my book it is considered downtown and a whole hell of a lot closer than where I was living before hand. Anyways, I love it and I can't wait to explore. I have been struggling to update this, huge life changes have taken place but I have a feeling that next month will complete everything. I have decided to take a semester off from school and focus on myself for awhile. Anyways, enough of this wishy washy bullcrap. I finally received my asos order. I was looking through my closet awhile ago and realized that it was lacking something, dresses. I find that dresses are easy to dress up or dress down and can easily be accessorized for any occasion, plus they are easy to put on when you are running late. So I bought four amazing dresses that will be perfect for every season..I even bought a dress for vegas, I bet you can't guess what it looks like, okayokay one hint..its shiny and fabulous lol.
Today, I decided to keep it simple and chic, black, black, black, and some more black with a splash of neutral beige - a minimalist outfit that suits me perfectly. I believe that every woman needs to contain that one LBD (little black dress) and asos helped me out in that category. I love the simplicity of the dress, I especially like how it is delicately gathered on the left side below my collar bone, it gives it just the right amount of detail of perfection. Since wearing my new LBD I thought that I should honor the one woman who gave it its name, Coco Chanel herself, so naturally I had to wear my chanel earings. Here's to you Gabrielle!
Now my closet is missing one more thing...more shoes lol.

(Asos dress, chanel earings, H&M poncho and faux fur)


enstyle launch

hectic past couple of weeks, good lord.

anyways, enstyle on facebook just launched their website today and I was lucky enough to be picked to be a part of it. check it out!





this is the perfect outfit, end of story.

dream room

Last week I managed to watch the entire series of sex and the city and let me tell you, it was more then gratifying. I seriously believe that it is the best television show ever created and I learn something new every time I watch it. This morning I had a sudden urge to sell my car, pack up my things and move to New York and live like Carrie...but reality smacked me in the face and told me to get a grip, so New York will have to wait lol. Anyways, one aspect I love about sex and the city is not only the shoes but Carrie's room reinvented. I want to paint my room blue with white accents - it is so charming!
Oh and I decided to add a picture of my choclate cupcakes I made the other day, juuust because I thought they were adorable haha. I think it's safe to say that I have potential of being the next champion winner on cupcake wars =]


carin wester spring 2011

I am ready for you spring.