Victoria's Secret highlights

So I finally made it to Germany, whooo! Now I just need to get a proper sleeping pattern going because I don't think sleeping all day is going to work out very well. I am excited about tomorrow! I am going to go pick up my all boxes full of my clothes and shoes (I have missed them all very much), then I believe my mum and I are running over to Ikea so I can pick up a clothing rack (the one I have temporarily is tipping over..), and maybe the mall? I would really like too! I can't wait to walk into the great doors of zara, man oh man haha. However, I need to refrain myself from spending money for awhile, I still need to buy a car and figure out my work schedule. I did buy a pair of shoes online the other day from Aldo, I just couldn't resist, they were on sale with free shipping because it was "black friday" AND it solved my dilemma of which color I wanted - and my decision is BOTH! hahah

MAUNE wedge

Now I am going to purchase the tan Deena&Ozzy wedge, a little christmas gift for myself? Good enough reason for me!

Jet lag is kicking in..


pretty snazzy natasha poly

source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Only two more days left and I will be on my way to Germany, I think I have had my fair share of Prescott, I am ready to go now! haha. Okay no more complaining, tomorrow is thanksgiving and that is always exciting! Once I am back in the flow of things I won't be so dull with my posts! pinky promise!

Happy Turkey Day




I am torn between which color I should get, I am really tempted to buy both..
I need help! black or tan? haha

Only three days left of being here in Arizona and visiting the grandparents, thank the lord. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my grandparents but I can only last for so long, I think others could relate haha. Also, I am so thankful for whose ever wifi I am bumming off of, they are so kind for sharing!

Alright I am off to explore this small country town



Dazed & Confused

Abbey Lee Kershaw looking stunning as always for the i-D winter issue.

On another note, best regards to the friends and family of Daul Kim, R.I.P. - you will be missed



channeling my inner beige

The sun was shinning for a bit today so of course I automatically grabbed my open toed heels to wear - spring spring come again! Don't get me wrong, I am totally excited about winter and being able to bundle up in precious dark layers but I am craving light colored palettes, so for today I am taking advantage of the sun and expressing my inner beige - all while sassy walkin in my zara heels. I only have a couple more days left until I leave! I am happy and sad at the same time - oxymoron eh?
Well I suppose it is time to finish running my errands and overloading on magazines and books for my flight.

(Silence+Noise blazer from UO, silence+noise high-waisted trousers from UO.com, zara heels, AA shirt, XXI necklace, marc jacobs cuff from ebay)


tick tock

It has been a busy week for me and it's only tuesday! I've been scrambling all over the place in order to get everything done before I leave - man oh man.
Lately, one thing that I have noticed is that I have been attracted to loose fitted items and tons of layering - fall much? While I was glancing around in Aritizia, I saw a light shade of pink knitted sweater in the corner of the store and I just knew that I had to have it. It is cropped just the way I like it and it is extremely warm and comfortable. I really shouldn't be buying anymore clothes before I leave - I have this dreading fear that both my suitcases are going to be too heavy..We will see!
Just a random thought, tik tok by Ke$ha is my favorite song this week, super catchy!

(wilfred cropped knitted sweater from aritzia, frenchi cream cropped tee from nordstroms, wilfred trousers aritizia, boots can't remember the name of the store but I got them in germany last christmas, H&M men's scarf, silver nail polish ULTA)




Just a few items I would love to add to my wardrobe

(nOir jewelry, weekday tops, acne leather jacket, oasis leather draped jacket, ae tights, leather and gold bracelet asos.com, Tory Burch Donna Boot)



bring the noise

My most favorite shirt that I have. I originally bought it for an 80's glam fest I had about a year ago - I cut it up and tied it in the back to fit to my liking and then when I was done fiddling with it, I realized that I wanted to wear it more! It is edgy and fun, and most of all it reminds me of my father and his obsession with harley davidson- hence, he is the one who purchased the boots for me on my birthday - silly man. On the topic of my father, he just recently gave me all his old harley shirts so I made my own personal project out of them. I am shredding the entire back of one shirt to give it that cropped draped effect, so far it is looking pretty sassy but still has a ton of work to do before it is complete. Once I am done with it I will post it up! Im excited to see the final project.


(vintage tee, forever21 skinny jeans, nOir bracelet, harley davidson boots, bershka leather jacket)

Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen

Love it

blazer crazy trend alert

I know that fall has only just begun and winter is right around the corner but I am craving spring fashion at the moment - I love the soft color palette of all the blazers! sooo pretty! I will admit, I have already pulled out a couple blazers from previous seasons and have put together spring outfits, I am terrible...
Blazers are one of my many weaknesses.

(stella mcartney, pringle of scotland, stella mccartney, cynthia rowley, cynthia steffe, erin wasson RVCA)


chipped nails

12 more days until I leave! Soo excited! and to add to my excitement, I absolutely love my new macbook, it is perfect in every single way possible. loveloveloveeee it.


(boyfriend jeans BDG at UO, oversized shirt talula at aritzia, we who see boots from UO, marc jacobs cuff from ebay)


Abbey Lee Kershaw

favorite photos of the week

source: tfs


Lacey lace

I woke up this morning and realized that I only have thirteen days left until I leave Portland - I have so much to do! - time is a crazy thing. Apparently the weather is not wanting to be very nice today, there is a massive thunder and lightening storm going on outside, I find it comforting but also very inconvenient because I would like to run errands but it is raining too hard and I guess my tires are not the safest at the moment. Oh well, I guess it gives me a good excuse to sit on the couch and watch season 5 of Weeds.


(dress zara, blazer silence+noise from UO, faux fur h&m, shoes steve madden)




harley and me

Halloween was fabulous and my birthday was amazing, perfect weekend.

(cropped tee Talula, blazer silence+noise, pants forever21, boots harley)