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sugar sweet

I have been wearing my flats every single day to help heal my poor feet because stubborn ole me, only wants to wear my heels to work even though I know beforehand that it isn't such a wise decision. At the end of the day, my feet are upset with me and are completely sore and cramped. Sorry feet! lol

I cannot wait until Spain, I am trying not to shop much while I am home because I know for a fact that I will probably buy an entire new wardrobe while I am there. the only down side is that Ryanair only allows your check-in bag to be 15 kg…booo. Oh well, I will TRY and pack light (hence the word try haha).

(zara blazer (old), zara pants, zara flats, H&M top)



rain rain go away pretty please!

Just wanted to do a quick post before I head downtown to do some spring shopping, it will bring me enlightenment on this gloom and doom afternoon =]

(white tee and leggings from zara, needsupply draped jacket, harley davidson boots, NARS nailpolish (favorite), bershka leather jacket, forever 21 rings)



Love this photo

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I know I have been lacking on my posting, life can be so damn time consuming - man oh man. I think I might start making videos as another alternative but that is just a random thought. I cannot wait for Spain, I have no idea what I am going to wear, I need to go shopping. I am really craving lace tops and silk rompers, I don't know. I will make a run downtown on Monday and splurge a little. Right after spain we are taking a road trip to Paris and then Brugge. In May, the family and I are going back to Venice and Verona (buying an endless amount of pottery while I am there). Sheesh, I need to get in as much traveling as I can before I go back to the States, readyyy go!




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spring love

19 more days until Spain! So stoked!

p.s. I am so thankful that it is finally spring, it brings me such joy =]

(blouse, leggings, and belt from zara, silence&noise camel blazer from UO, nine west wedged sandals)


perfect outfit

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extra fabric

Only 9 more days until Spring! (according to the calendar) It probably won't be until April 20th that it can be considered "spring" here in cold Germany. boooo.
On another note, I never seem to wear my pink H&M sweater and I thought I'd give it a go. I'm not very fond of how it falls on me while open, so I grabbed a couple pins, a chanel earring, then played around with it to try and give it more of a casual draped look. I dig it =]

(blouse and ballet flats from zara. H&M pink sweater, sicko jeans, wilfred oversized sweater from aritzia, chanel earring)




Mister Alexander Wang

spring, I am ready!

I am ready for spring now, pretty please. I probably have this cold because every time there is some hint of sunlight I have a tendency to think that it is warm outside, when in reality it is still below freezing - hence the snow outside - and I am left coatless.

(leggings, shirt, and flats all from zara, silence&noise blazer from UO)


all black

first attempt at milk braids, I think they turned out alright for not really having a lot of hair to work with!
I need to watch some tutorials on how to braid hair because braiding is definitely not my strongest point.

(zara sheer shirt and leggings, we who see shoes)