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DIY Collared Tips

I know that fall is almost over but I have been meaning to find a time to try this DIY project.. so I went ahead and scoured ebay and found some awesome collared tips that I thought were suitable and cheap!

TNA denim shirts


Aritzia Spring Summer Collection 2012

Launch February 5th! Gah I can't wait!


New Year New Beginning

I deeply apologize for the long break in my blog posting, real life caught up to me for a brief minute but I am back in the game!
 In the past month I finally moved to downtown Portland and it has been wonderful, however I haven't had internet so that is why my social networking has been MIA. Luckily, the starbucks on the corner from my studio provides free wifi and even though it is slower than molasses it does its duty.
In celebration of the new year I thought I'd start fresh, so I caught off my hair and got a new pair of shoes ( which look amazing my new shoes look great in my new pad!) and a new boost of confidence!
I am quite excited for this new chapter of my life to begin. Last year brought me great new friends, a wonderful job, and a brand new home so I have no idea what 2012 has in store for me but let me tell you, I am ready for ya!

A Moveable Feast Leather Jackert - Aritzia
TNA Jean Button Up - Aritzia
DIY Skull Necklace
Diego Bucket Bag - Alexander Wang
The "Emily" - Aelxander Wang
Alexander McQueen Scarf