Victoria's Secret highlights

So I finally made it to Germany, whooo! Now I just need to get a proper sleeping pattern going because I don't think sleeping all day is going to work out very well. I am excited about tomorrow! I am going to go pick up my all boxes full of my clothes and shoes (I have missed them all very much), then I believe my mum and I are running over to Ikea so I can pick up a clothing rack (the one I have temporarily is tipping over..), and maybe the mall? I would really like too! I can't wait to walk into the great doors of zara, man oh man haha. However, I need to refrain myself from spending money for awhile, I still need to buy a car and figure out my work schedule. I did buy a pair of shoes online the other day from Aldo, I just couldn't resist, they were on sale with free shipping because it was "black friday" AND it solved my dilemma of which color I wanted - and my decision is BOTH! hahah

MAUNE wedge

Now I am going to purchase the tan Deena&Ozzy wedge, a little christmas gift for myself? Good enough reason for me!

Jet lag is kicking in..

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