Couple of pictures from my weekend spent in Amsterdam. The weather there was unbelievably wonderful. the only downfall was that every time I tried to go to the markets I would get lost and finally arrive when it was time for shut down - happened twice.. The upside is that I was able to find the most precious bicycle, it needs a little TLC but that's about it, oh! and a basket. 
Since I literally have worked more than 40 hours this week - and it's only thursday - I haven't had the time to give it any attention but hopefully tomorrow I can work on it a little. Busy Busy Busy week for me, but I am alright with working, helps me save up so I can spend it all on traveling and fabulous clothing finds. Three more weeks until Venice and Verona =]


ColorHater said...

Great pics! I love your bag :)

Flowerbomb said...

Amsterdam the best!!^^ like this

Anonymous said...

very dreamy.... amsterdam is so lovely!



littlesassyfashionista said...

I love Amsterdam, I am definitely going back this summer for trip number three. =]

jewelrymakingkits said...

I haven't thought that Amsterdam will be this lovely.

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