Artistic Urge

Jessica Stam | i-D 2004

After glancing through this editorial that I found on a website I visit quite frequently (fashiongonerogue) I  have the sudden urge to paint. I've always loved drawing and painting faces, I get a thrill out of reinventing the different emotions and portrayed passion on a persons face and  putting it onto a blank canvas. My only downfall is that  I never seem to finish my paintings and my sudden urges of unleashing my artistic inner being is very rare..and I mean VERY rare.


DarlingV said...

Jessica Stam is BEAAAAUUUTTTIIIFULLL! Do you mind if I pluck that last pic?

littlesassyfashionista said...

Go for it girl! =]

doremy+diatta said...

those lips are unreal, i think may even like the first photo the best. theyre all so amazing!

come by for a visit!

Bruna said...

wwooooowww pretty!

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