Happy Holidays!

Every year, my grandparents throw a annual christmas party for all of the grandchildren. Every year, they hire a santa to come to the house to hand out gifts and sit on his lap, and even though I am the eldest grandchild I am still obligated to follow the routine and tell him what I want for christmas. So when my turn came around to tell him what I would like, I really wanted to tell him that I would love for my college tuition to be paid for but I figured that would be asking a little much out of the nice gentleman...so instead I asked for a kitchen aid mixer, preferably red! It was fantastic and the kids got a kick out of it.
The night before our christmas gathering I made some goodies that I thought were fitting for the event: Toffee Bars and Peppermint Bark!

here is the recipe Thank you Paula Deen!

I used the recipe out of my betty crocker cookbook to make these scrumptious bars.

This is my family

(citizen jeans from nordstroms, J. Crew sweater, minimarket wedges)


Glamour Bbey. said...

Mmmm delicious! + nice pictures!

jamie-lee said...

yumm both the bark and the bars look delish! and loving your simple outfit, it's so chic! x


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