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I have been wearing my flats every single day to help heal my poor feet because stubborn ole me, only wants to wear my heels to work even though I know beforehand that it isn't such a wise decision. At the end of the day, my feet are upset with me and are completely sore and cramped. Sorry feet! lol

I cannot wait until Spain, I am trying not to shop much while I am home because I know for a fact that I will probably buy an entire new wardrobe while I am there. the only down side is that Ryanair only allows your check-in bag to be 15 kg…booo. Oh well, I will TRY and pack light (hence the word try haha).

(zara blazer (old), zara pants, zara flats, H&M top)


Glamour Bbey. said...

Awesome loop! The top is great! Is he from the new collection?


I really like you closet <3 .
You looking always fabulous and that tattoo rocks.
XOXO Valery (eyecandyherself)

Cosmetics Chick Chat said...

You have the most incredible style! I saw your pics & the link to your blog on the Aritzia website featured in the how to style cropped tops post & i had to become a follower immediately! p.s. the whole packing light thing never really works out for me either;)

littlesassyfashionista said...

Glamour bbey: thank you and yes it is! =)
cosmetic chick: you are a sweetheart! I already started packing and I don't leave until the 9th haha
You are all too kind and thank you so much for your compliments!

Jony said...

Gorgeous outfit; definitely a great outfit for spring.

Loving Chiaradeanna said...

love your closet! The outfit is perfect as always ;)

eunice said...

this outfit is fabulosity! i love the cream and white colour combo, so classic and fresh!


Chris (tinytines.com) said...

Those flats work very very well, actually. I totally know what you mean about wearing heels for too long then having to rest the feet for several days. I'm guilty of this ALL THE TIME. Thank God for flats.

can't wait to see what you'll pick up in Spain! Yayyyy :]

Chris @ http://www.tinytines.com

Alecto said...

you take the neutral look on so well. very classy & chic.

valeriew said...

This is a great look for you! I have been trying to wear my flats lately, too. I'm stubborn about my heels!

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