spring love

19 more days until Spain! So stoked!

p.s. I am so thankful that it is finally spring, it brings me such joy =]

(blouse, leggings, and belt from zara, silence&noise camel blazer from UO, nine west wedged sandals)


Glamour Bbey. said...

I love your blazer and shoes! Great look!

Finnuala said...

So soft and beautiful!

Alecto said...

i was so tempted to walk into zara today...but i didn't....and now your outfit makes me wish i did. pfooey. spain sounds awesome right now ;-)

allsmiles said...

I regret not getting that blazer from UO...your shoes are to die!

monica r. said...

saw you on lookbook and finally had to follow the blog. your style is amazing!

ColorHater said...

You look great! I like everything :)

littlesassyfashionista said...

Alecto, zara is a definite must! I absolutely love it =]

and thank you everyone! xoxox

'Lee said...

I love the colour of your blazer, it's great.

Theory of a fashion victim

kellyssima said...

I love the look!!! Amazing!

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