the new daywear

I went into zara yesterday with the intention of only getting a pair of shorts; however, I leave with a bag full of clothes. The exaggerated SALE sign gets me every time, damn marketing sale techniques... I then found my way over to H&M and fell in love with two delicate garments, and even though I really didn't need to buy anymore I figured I would be cheating myself, and my closet, if I didn't buy them. In order to avoid that predicament, I was convinced that I could wear both sheer pieces as daywear, so then I tied the strings from the robe to the back (in order to take away the image of it actually being a legitimate robe and more of a light sweater), put a skirt over the sheer undergarment slip, and tada! outfit complete! In my head the whole concept seemed quite pratical and shrewed, plus what better way to stay cool in 95 degree weather than to wear your nighties?..haha

(slip and lace robe from H&M, zara skirt, vintage scarf, UO sandals that are super old)


Glamour Bbey. said...

Nice look!

cla-sib said...

like your lace shirt!

xoxo cla

jas said...

very beautiful look. love the tones and the lace top

Ohlala Tres Belle said...

awesome! love the robe.


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