Pinot Noir

 Bistro was kind enough to join my brother and I on our nice evening adventure that consisted of climbing trees and finding a really neat hunting contraption that we were supposedly not to supposed to be in, well I am assuming that's what the man meant..all I know is that he made quite a lot of hand movements that I believe meant "Please leave."

I love my cheap black retro frames I picked up in Amsterdam, I was so excited when they actually were proportion to my face. Normally, since my head is on the larger side, all glasses are either way too small or awkwardly shaped so when I found those I was consumed with excitement. I have been wearing my 7 euro glasses almost everyday, my inspiration for my wardrobe has been relaxed laid back and practical urban "hipster" look. I think it has to do with my excitement of returning back home and reflecting the well known trend of the 503. Yes, I admit that it is a tad bit cheesy that there is no prescription in them; however, as soon as I get back to the states you bet your bottom dollar that I will change that!
Now it is time to run some errands before our family trip to Croatia this Thursday.


p.s. - note to self, buy more hair clips..

(vintage gray cardigan, levi 501 shorts, H&M top and bodysuit, vintage backpack)


Selma said...

Love your Outfit, especially the glasses and the vintage bag! xXx bisous!

SWAY said...

great look really love the lace body suit peeking thru! xoxox
www.sway925.blogspot.com :)

Anonymous said...

Nice glasses!

Joanna Ladrido said...

WINE LOVE! i love the lace bodysuit and all the layers!


Moonlit Sunset said...

Those glasses are lovely, so is your outfit! I love your tattoo, very pretty!!!

Wanetta Woman said...

I saw you the other day on lookbook and absolutely love your style, we're so similar


aww, you look incredibly lovely :)

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