sleep deprived

Note to self: Accessorize this fall.

I apologize for the lack of updating, the truth is that my jet lag has consumed all my energy the past couple days and the little energy that I do have has been spent running errands and taking advantage of the one for one dollar exchange rate, it is wonderful. I think I have also caught a cold which I don't approve of one bit but there really isn't much I can do except rest. Tomorrow my best friend and I are going shopping and I cant express how excited I am, I will finally be able to shop at Aritzia again, my dream come true. I will be sure to post my new finds as soon as possible ( I am just assuming that I will be coming home tomorrow with at least three bags full of clothes) so I will be sure to post them soon! lol.  New York fashion week starts so soon, I am looking forward to what is in store for the Spring 2011.

source: Stockholm-StreetStyle

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jamie-lee said...

I love that bag! Lemming the topshop one at the moment... hope you have fun shopping with your friend x


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