dressing room

I took to some retail therapy at Urban Outfitters after spending three hours at the DMV and then having my car fail inspection at the DEQ because of the newer battery replacement, from the previous owner, that supposedly erased information which will reset after 200 more miles...blahblahblah. Enough of my ranting, I bought some pretty new things and will share soon in upcoming posts!

(zara coat, h&m jean shirt and bodysuit, silence&noise pants)


sara flyawaywithbirds said...

what a nice dressing room :)
and such a cute coat on such a pretty girl haha :D

jamie-lee said...

That coat looks great on you, and I love the peek of lace underneath that shirt - gorgeous!


lellow said...

the coat looks great, nice outfit :-)

Yevgeniya Yelkina & Peter Stevens said...

great coat!


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