romy and michelle's high school reunion

 Yesterday my best friend and I finally found our last dresses at the Betsey Johnson store for our vegas trip and to celebrate our new treasured pieces we pranced around the house, had a photoshoot, and enjoyed a nice bottle of vino. We even made a trip to the grocery store in our new dresses, I love my best friend lol. Aren't those shoes fantastic? They scream vegas. Only 12 more days!

(dresses and shoes Betsey Johnson)


Andrea said...

You two are beautiful! Those dresses are fantastic i'm sure that stop through the store was entertaining.
Love the pink lipstick

<3 Andrea


Rachel said...

The dresses are gorgeous, as are you both. The title and your poses are cracking me up!


Stilettostetico said...

And I MUST say that this (gracefully sensuous) "Party Girl-icious" duet (really) knows how to make blow such a (subtly wild type) wind of Freshness Dear !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

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