continuous packing

Since I have basically packed everything and only have what I didn't ship back to states, my closet is rather limited but I actually like it, it doesn't take me nearly as long to get ready now, before it took a good hour or so because my indecisiveness of too many clothing options. Another reason why I started packing so early was one, I am odd and like to get things done before hand, and two; I want to make sure my bags are under 50 lbs…so far so good!
So today while packing I thought I would prance around in my jeffrey campbell shoes I bought last month. I really haven't had the chance to wear them yet so I thought I might as well break them in now. I had to put a gripping pad on the bottom of the shoes to replace the nonexistent grip on the shoe - better safe than sorry, especially living in portland where it rains 85% of the time. I am really looking forward to going back to Portland, I am going back at the perfect time too right when all the leaves start to change colors, Fall in Portland is my absolute favorite. Plus, my iphone 4G is waiting for me, can't wait!
Germany will always be home but it is time for a new chapter in my life to begin.

( jeffrey campbell shoes, bershka leather jacket, zara button up, DIY shorts, sheer H&M tank)


Estefania Recio said...

simplemente me encanta! los zapatos uncreĆ­bles. Te sigo hace tiempo y me encanta tu estilo.


Chiho said...

love the shoes!!!


Yevgeniya Yelkina & Peter Stevens said...

your shoes make me want to die! obsessed!!


Patroushka's place said...

i'm jealous for your shoes ...i want the same :pp

would you have a look please http://patroushkasplace.blogspot.com/


Rachael said...

I like to pack ahead of time too! It makes me feel like I'm insane but at least I know someone else does it lol

Love your blog btw!! Now following!


jamie-lee said...

Cool shoes! And I agree that the less you have to choose from, the easier it is to choose! x

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