Pula, Croatia


I apologize for the lack of outfit creativity but the truth is, I really much enjoyed living in my  bathing suits for the entire seven day vacation. I do regret however, not bringing more scarfs to wrap my hair in..I believe I wore my favorite russian silk scarf inadvertently everyday..
 It was beautiful there, it was overcast the first day we arrived but that was soon gone the next morning, then each day was painted with the golden sun. The sweet sound and crisp smell of the adriatic sea was magnificent, I would love to live by the water one day..I think I will add it to my wishboard. My favorite part about the trip was the early morning walks, when the soft lighting of the sun would reflect off the calm wakening waters, the soft breeze gently caressing my skin, and I especially loved watching the cleaning ladies preparing for their daily routines...people watching is a conventional hobby of mine.
 One morning my mother, aunt, and I drifted away from the tourist area and found a peaceful and most serene beach..the only thing it was missing was sand but the white pebbles were beautiful none-the-less. Our favorite part was the carefully crafted gorge not far from shore. On our last day we enjoyed a family fun photoshoot at our newly founded beach, the laughter and smiles that we all shared was more than I could ever ask for. It was truly what I consider a vacation, no worries, no problems, just embracing the beauty of life..

I believe my lethargic state of mind from the trip as followed me home, so I believe that on this friday morning I will face reality once again and educate myself on what is going on in the world via cnn.com, then do a little more of some light reading and wander through bloglovin.


Catherine said...

Wow! I wish I could live there lol! Those are some beautiful pictures!!!

filthy g said...

stunning photos! the first outfit is to die for.

Doremy Diatta said...

suuuch cute photos, looks like an amazing time!

come by for a visit

X'tian Ou said...

these photos make me want to go on a vacation and just sit on the beach and enjoy the sun. Love your swimming suit by the way :)

jamie-lee said...

Wow these photos are so incredible! I wish I had gone to Croatia now when I was in Europe! x

anda said...

ich bin jeden sommer dort. und liebe es!
toller blog

Tesa said...

beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

I love your style
I entered your look in my blog as the best look
come see



Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

Croatia looks amazing. I'm hoping to go there for a vacation next summer. You make it sound like the ultimate place for relaxing.

Moonlit Sunset said...

These photographs are incredible, but the very first one is my absolute favorite, you look beautiful and the background is as well!!! I hope I get to visit Croatia one day, seems like a dream!

Little Hannah! said...

Heh,,, I`m from Croatia! Gorgeous pics! :)

Karen said...

I am going to croatia this summer! Any advice you can give? And where is this beach? Thank you!

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