Castle Adventure

Yesterday was quite the workout. My family and I thought it was a great day to do some local castle touring before my younger brother leaves to go stateside, its a rule of ours that you HAVE to see a castle before leaving Europe, you just have too. We were able to visit two castles, the name of the first one has escaped my memory but it was rather magical, and the second one we went to was the Heidelberg castle. Both of the views were amazing but in order to see the breathtaking views it entailed walking, and not just ordinary strolling but steep endless hiking that involved stairs and 86 degree weather. Lets just say that I burned my recommended calorie intake for the day in a matter of two hours…it was well worth it though. My shoes must be livid with me because it wasn't until we walked into town to enjoy an afternoon lunch that I noticed one of my shoes had ripped rext next to the toe. Of course my automatic reaction involved hysteria and disappointment, I then had to remember how much I have put my shoes through. My favorite Jeffrey Campbell booties have been with me through my bartending days, walked throughout Amsterdam, Croatia, Switzerland, and all of Germany…I think I now know what it really means to break in your shoes..literally.

10 more days left here in Germany, time is going by so quickly..

(jean jacket H&M, wrinkly blouse zara, gray skirt H&M)


Moodswings said...

what a cute castle! i love castles!!!
your skirt is super cute xx

Ai said...

youre so beautifule! and i love your style! following you and fanning on lookbook :>


Glamour Bbey. said...

Great look!

Daša said...

Your outfit is so amazing <3
I love reading your blog, if you have a chance you can check out my blog and if you want follow as well: http://divalicious-life.blogspot.com :)

minnja said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing!


Sally said...

Cute outfit!


Adriana said...

I love this look !!Its perfect and i really like your blog ! i follow you :)

v [ hobovogue ] said...

love it :) esp the blouse!
also - your backpack is amazing! where did you find it??

<33 [v] hobovogue

Amalina said...

Just found your blog through lookbook... you are amazing! Definitely following from now on ;)

xo www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

becka said...

wow! a castle thats cute :)

FashionHippieLoves said...

du hast einen ganz tollen Blog!! <333



love the jean vest! come follow me

mara said...

beautiful setting! germany looks incredible, i really wanna go! you are super lucky! i love your boots too!

kisses from the philippines!!


Cloudy said...

aw, if i knew you were in HD that day, we could have totally met :(


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